Long Sleeve Shirt - Tibet Women

First layer, ergonomic and high performance long sleeves shirt, manufactured with merino wool, which offers body temperature retention, high adaptability and perspiration. This item is designed for use in sports and outside activities at low temperatures.







THERMOWOOL® technology fabric is structured in layers as follow: 1st LAYER: Merino wool yarn blended with polypropylene (hollow section) which endows the garment a large retention of the temperature and breathability in a natural way. 2nd LAYER: Polyamide yarn with silver ion and elastane, which form the central area of the fabric giving a high adaptability and antibacterial effect. 3rd LAYER*: Polyamide yarn reinforcement in the most friction points of the garment. (*Only in cushioned garments.)




Composition: 40% wool - 30% polypropylene - 20% polyamide ion - 10% lycra

Weight: 127 gr.

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