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Specific high performance regenactiv® technology sock for athletics, with a structure designed for maximum comfort, adaptability, breathability, seamless construction and reinforcement on the most friction areas.

Regenactiv® is an innovative fabric based on the interaction of two fibers, known for its antimicrobial and capacity to keep skin in optimum condition for intense sport. The product has three layers: 1) First layer consists of a natural yarn with chitin additive in direct contact with skin, biodegradable and antimicrobial. 2) Second layer consists of polyamide yarn with silver ion and elastane, which forms the central area of the fabric giving it high adaptability and antibacterial properties. 3) The third layer is a polyamide yarn reinforcement in the most friction areas of the garment.


- Wide range antibacterial and antifungal.

- Reinforced structure designed for those points more where common injuries appear.

- Seamless construction.

- Prevents irritations.

- Prevents overheating.

- Special care of the skin erosions, helping to regenerate faster.

- Eliminates the odors caused by sweat.

Recommended: Medium distances (approximately 21km).

Recommended surface: asphalt and roads. 






Composition: 92% regenactiv · 8% lycra

Weight: 56 gr. (Weight based on size M)

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