Men's Fitted Leggings - Huescaran

First layer, ergonomic and high performance pants that offer body temperature retention, high adaptability and perspiration. These pants are manufactured with Dryarn® technology, which provides body heat retention and bactericidal and odorless properties.

This garment is recommended for cold climates/weather.





Dryarn® is an innovative polypropylene microfibre with a very high level of performance. An innovative technological product because equally resistant, light,insulating and transpirant as well as being hygienic, comfortable and ecological. A very stable fabric, which does not change its shape unlike conventional fabrics. For long-lasting wearability, always in form. Moreover, Dryarn® dries surprisingly quickly. All to the advantage of physical comfort, giving the skin a pleasant fresh and dry sensation. Dryarn® guarantees high performance materials for underwear, sportswear, and special technical applications even under extreme conditions.



Composition: 73% dryarn · 22% poliamide ion · 5% lycra

Weight: 92 gr. (Weight based on size M)

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