Men's Fitted Leggings Elbrus

High performance first layer ergonomic pants manufactured with merino wool, which offers body temperature retention, high adaptability and perspiration.

This garment is recommended for cold climates/weather and it is manufactured with ThermoWool® technology, which provides body heat retention and bactericidal and odorless properties.




THERMOWOOL® technology fabric is structured in layers as follow:

1st LAYER: Merino wool yarn blended with polypropylene (hollow section) which endows the garment a large retention of the temperature and breathability in a natural way.

2nd LAYER: Polyamide yarn with silver ion and elastane, which form the central area of the fabric giving a high adaptability and antibacterial effect.

3rd LAYER*: Polyamide yarn reinforcement in the most friction points of the garment. (*Only in cushioned garments.)


Composition: 44% merino wool · 29% polypropylene · 22% poliamide ion · 5% lycra

Weight: 100 gr. (Weight based on size M)

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