Socks - Distance

High performance seamless sock for running with an ergonomic system of protection structure (ESP) studied for maximum comfort, adaptability, breathability and with reinforcement on the most critical impact and friction areas.

Sock with a feelcool thermal requirement and manufactured with Bmax and ESP technologies providing:

- Antibacterial and antifungal wide range

- Prevents irritations

- Prevents overheating

- Special care in the skin erosions (helping its regenerative acceleration)

- Transport of moisture

- Additional reinforcement in impact and friction areas

- Ergonomic System of Protection

Recommended for running on asphalt and roads. 




Bmax cool technology fabric is structured in layers as follow:

1st LAYER: Yarn formed by the mixture of viscose with chitin additive and multichannel polyester.

2nd LAYER: Polyamide yarn with silver ion and elastane, which form the central area of the fabric giving a high adaptability and antibacterial effect.

3rd LAYER*: Polyamide yarn reinforcement in the most friction points of the garment.

(*Only in cushioned garments.)


Ergonomic structure with a system of protection for targeted cushioning and reduction of friction on the most critical points of the foot: toe, heel and medial plantar areas.

Provides an increase in cushioning between 25%-40%. Great shape adaptability and seamless comfort. Benefits:

• Sole of the foot: the cushioning structure reduces the pressure in the areas of highest load concentration on the foot during walking and running, providing more comfort and reducing the occurrence of muscle cramps. Reduces pain in the foot and the frequency of abrasions and blisters.

• Adaptability: the combination of yarns and knit patterns with different degrees of elasticity in the key areas of the sock. These areas provide an adaptable and stable fit avoiding discomfort from unwelcomed bunching, movement and friction of the fabric.

• Toes: the anatomical shape of the sock in the toe area helps to prevent restriction, leaving space for natural movement.

• Comfort: overall improvement in foot comfort while running or exercising. The absence of seams reduces the occurrence of abrasions and blisters, therefore improving comfort.

Composition: 50% regenactiv · 25% cool-tech · 17% poliamida · 8% lycra

Weight: 48 gr. (Weight based on size M)

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