Compression Arm Sleeve - Marathon

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These medium compression arm sleeves offer high adaptability making it ideal for any sport. They are manufactured with FIRTECH® and COMPRESSIVE® technologies. Their graduated compressive technology will increase blood circulation, keeping your muscles warmer and boosting oxygenation, therefore reducing fatigue or possible damage to muscles. The arm sleeves are seamless and light for greater comfort and their FIR-TECH® technology provides them with breathability, moisture wicking and antibacterial properties. These arm sleeves will allow you to perform at your highest level and offer you UV-protection as well (UPF+ 50).




 Compression system that provides progressive decreasing compression. Facilitates venous return and blood circulation, helping to prevent injuries and improving muscle performance. Recommended for sports with a high intensity level in any environmental condition. Ergonomics: Specific design tested in real conditions and field studies to investigate and refine the aiding of natural muscle movement and articulation, therefore improving athletic performance and recovery. Functionality: Prevents injuries thanks to the stabilizing and supportive effect on the muscle group. Adaptability: Garments designed to fit the anatomy of each body segment, with decreasing compression to aid venous return and the elimination of blood toxins that have a negative effect on performance.


It's mineral composition fibers convert human body heat into far infrared rays (FIR) this provides multiple benefits to the athlete. Before physical activity - It assists in the warm up phase to attain the optimum muscle working temperature in readiness for exercise. It speeds the warm up phase effectively, so your body is quickly tuned and effective for physical activity. It helps prevent cold muscle injuries. During physical activity - Athletic performance is enhanced by maintaining the optimum muscle temperature. Enhances blood and lymphatic circulation therefore assisting the removal of exercise induced blood toxin build up. After physical activity - Enhances faster musculoskeletal recovery. Increases blood and lymphatic flow helping regeneration, recovery and healing of damaged tissue caused by physical effort.

Ergonomic garment of high performance with feelcool ® thermal requirement. Intelligent fabric of body perspiration which provides the garments with bactericidal properties, odorless and high perspiration. Developed for maximum perfomance, designed for very specific use in sports at high temperatures.

composition: 75% fir-tech · 15% lycra · 10% poliamida ion

weight: 60 gr. (Weight based on size M)

Level of Compression: Maximum targeted compression of 10-15 mmHg starting at the wrist and decreasing up the arm to 5-10 mmHg. All compression garments undergo rigorous quality controls and are manufactured in Spain using the most accurate and reliable European machinery available.

All Lurbel products meet the highest quality standards and have the ISO 9000 Certification, the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certification and the Made in Green certificate, which attests that the products are free of harmful substances and that the goods have been manufactured respecting the environment and the workers human rights.
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