News » New professional athletes join Lurbel Team

New additions to the Lurbel TEAMJune 30, 2014

In May of 2014 triathletes Jackeline Slack, from the United Kingdom, and Ben Allen from Australia joined Lurbel’s professional team of athletes. These are the first two international athletes that join the all-Spanish team, representing a milestone and a statement to how well Lurbel has been received abroad since it started its international expansion.

The athletes had the opportunity to meet with the principals and tour the company’s headquarters and factory located at Ontinyent (Valencia – Spain) while they were in the area to participate in the Xterra Spain 2014 Challenge.

“We are extremely happy to have joined the Lurbel team. We have seen firsthand the hard work, attention to detail and passion that goes into all garments manufactured by Lurbel. We are also very comfortable joining a family owned company that stays true to its values and commits to using the best materials and providing the athlete with garments that meet their needs. We are very impressed with the high performance afforded by all Lurbel products and are confident that using these well-designed garments will allow us to perform at our best level” stated Jacqui.

Highlights – Jacqui and Ben's classification in recent venues

  • Aussie Cross Champs Jinderbine - Ben 1st
  • Jacqui 4th - Xterra Philippines. Ben 3rd
  • Jacqui 1st - Xterra Australia Ben 1st
  • Jacqui 3rd - Xterra Saipan Ben 1st
  • Jacqui 2nd - Xterra New Zealand Ben 2nd
  • Jacqui 3rd - Xterra Jeerves bay Ben 5th
  • Jacqui 1st - Xterra Malaysia Ben 3rd
  • Jacqui 4th - Xterra Spain


Upcoming XTerra Venues

  • Xterra France - 6 July
  • Xterra Sweden - 13 July (only Jacqui will compete)
  • Xterra Czech - 9 August
  • Xterra Germany ITU Cross World Champs – 16 August
  • Xterra England – 24 August
  • Xterra Denmark – 31 August
  • Xterra USA (Campeonato de EEUU) – 20 September
  • Xterra Maui, Hawaii (World Championship) 26 October