Lurbel Athletes continue to compete worlwideMarch 15, 2014


One of Lurbel’s Athletic Team members, Dario Dorta, has announced that he will participate in the next Tor des Geants race (from September 7th-14th). The race is 330 km long (about 190 miles) and a total climb up to 24.000 meters (78,740 feet of altitude).

The semi-self-sufficiency race runs through the Aosta Valley (Italy), an alpine valley that includes the Italian slopes of Mont Blanc, Matterhorn and Monte Rosa. The race will have its start and finishing line in the municipality of Courmayeur. 

Tor des Geants has received more than 2,500 applications from over 60 countries and only a total of 660 racers will actually be able to participate.