Enjoying beautiful Miami weather and my compression arm sleevesFebruary 28, 2014


I played a great tournament yesterday at the Biltmore wearing trail plus compression socks. After the round my feet felt great, I just wished I had played a little better, but a 74 got me a second place. I have got to get out there more often, that is all.

Today I went to hit some balls at Key Biscayne to work on a few things, specially the wedges and I wore the Lurbel Compression arm sleeves. I continue to think that when I wear the sleeves I hit the ball better. Maybe it is all in my head, but it all makes sense since the muscles remain well oxygenated and warm. Anyway, I’ll take the five to eight extra yards any day…. As long as the weather remains this great I will be wearing the arm sleeves while practicing or playing golf.