Vicente Garcia Beneito’s inspiring story, Lurbel runner that won the 4 Desert seriesDecember 28, 2013

Vicente Garcia Beneito’s story is truly inspiring. He is a full time firefighter and he runs 16 km every day to get to work. He won the 4 Desert races in 2012, the first time in the history of the event that a runner won all four races the same year.

The event, which was named by Time magazine the world’s leading endurance footrace series or the ultimate test of human endurance, combines 4 races: The Atacama Crossing in Chile, The Gobi march (China), Sahara race (Egypt) and the last desert (Antarctica), a polar expedition. Proud to say that Vicente Garcia won all four races the same year and, of course, he was always wearing LURBEL.

I would say he had the best garments in the world and some “cojones”….