Dario Dorta speaks about Lurbel's quality materials and garmentsDecember 25, 2013

News / 2013-12-09

“I always say that if you find a garment that you like and works for you, you should just stick with it”, Darío Dorta


I was wearing them (the Lurbel socks) last year in the challenge Runspiral 2012 during 4 days and I had no problems at all. I always say that when you find a material you like, don’t change it, and that is exactly what happened with these socks: they are a sure bet. For the last two years, I wear the model Trail Track and the compression stockings Trail Plus. I also use the calf sleeves Ultra after each stage. 

Did you have blisters on your feet?

During the Ehunmilak competition (100 miles), it was raining overnight and I was afraid of having blisters on my feet, but it didn't happen. In the Desafío Canarias I used different new pairs of socks, with all the associated risks sometimes. But fortunately, I didn't have any problem. Even when I was running for 7 days, a total of 413 km, and during an average time of 8 hours per day. 

Did you notice the difference with respect to other socks?

 After many hours with the socks, I do not have any feel of warmth on my feet. And it is thanks to the fact that it is seamless, it fits perfectly to each foot, it does not warp through use, and also because of the adaptability and the lack of abrasion because of the friction. These are the features I like the most.

What can you say about the arm sleeves?

I have used the arm sleeves in cold weather conditions. They are comfortable and maintain the temperature of the body. They do not give heat as they do other ones I have tested, and it is very important. The most important thing for me is that they wrap, so I do not have to use a bigger garment, such as a jacket. They are small when you roll them up, and it is very important for the ultra marathon runners: to save space.

What is it what you like the most of Lurbel garments? They fit very well, and also their adaptability and transpiration, something essential in this kind of races.

Are you already thinking about other challenges?

It is soon yet to decide what we are going to do next year, but I am sure we will surprise you again. I have just opened a training centre for runners in Tenerife, where we give personal advising to runners and amateurs. And it is a real challenge.

Which ones? ¿In which races/events we are going to see Darío Dorta?

The Transgrancanaria is a race I really would like to run the next year. And Ehunmilak is in my heart, since its one hundred miles are a dream for any trail runner. But the main event if we are lucky this year in the raffle would be the Tor des Geants, a race of 330 km in Italy. But also in the middle there are many short races in the Canary Islands and in the Basque Country, which is a magical place for running.