Alaska - the most versatile thermal shirt by LurbelDecember 07, 2013

News / 2013-12-02

Alaska, Lurbel's most versatile thermal shirt successfully passed a tough test in Norway

The thermal shirt Alaska lives up to the icy place where its name comes from, and successfully passed its performance expectations in freezing weather conditions, also in static mode. Alaska is the most versatile first layer thermal shirt of the company. Besides its high levels of temperature retention, it is a perfect garment for high-perspiration sport activities in winter (such as trail running or skiing). The reason is that it draws away moisture and sweat from your body and keeps you cool and dry at all times. The test has been carried out by the Valencian photographer Alberto Tormo, from the 14th to the 21st of November in the Lofoten Islands (Norway). This is his fourth trip in order to take photos of the Northern Lights, a meteorological phenomenon uncommon to see. To take these pictures, Tormo spends full days under the open sky, with temperatures between -3ºC/3ºC during the day and -6ºC/-14ºC at night. In such extreme conditions, heat retention is vital to maintain the own body warmth all along the hours of waiting time.


As with all the rest of the Lurbel thermal garments, Alaska is characterized by its antibacterial action, which avoids bad odors from sweat. This feature is confirmed by Alberto Tormo in his test, as he ensured that he changed his shirt in the middle of the trip because he had a spare shirt, but not because of any inconvenience with bad odors or sweating. This model also stands out because of its high adaptability and this fact strengthens its temperature retention features, as it is a first layer garment.