Lurbel Certifies Scientifically the benefits of its Compression GarmentsDecember 04, 2013

News / 2013-11-11



Lurbel certifies scientifically that all its compression garments prevent inflammation, absorb the impact on the tibia and improve the recovery process

Lurbel seeks to offer protection and the maximum performance to the consumer of its high efficiency garments. This is why thanks to its commitment R+D, the company has carried out a scientific study in order to ratify the properties of its compression stockings (Compressive range of products). The results of the study, carried out by the R+D department of Lurbel together with the University of Valencia, the University of Alicante and Aitex (Textile Industry Research Center), prove the effects on the users of these garments. “Lurbel compression garments, beyond the trends” is the video report which presents the concern and tenacity of the company to ratify its range of products in front of the consumers, who have turned it into the sportswear accessory for runners and triathletes. What is behind this trend? Are all the compression garments the same? What are their - What are their benefits during and after a race?

In a 15 minutes race at a low-medium speed (4 minutes 20 seconds each kilometre, for example), the foot impacts with the ground around 2500 times; moreover, the value of each impact of the foot with the ground is between 2 and 5 times the weight of our body (McKenzie & cols., 1985; Subotnick, 1985). It is easy to assume that the muscles and joints of the lower limbs are under a constant enormous strength and mechanical stress. In the case of an athlete who runs at a speed of 3 minutes 10 seconds each kilometre, the number of impacts of the foot with the ground would significantly increase. So it is important to reduce the impact on the runner.

Results of the study

Reduction of inflammation risk

Wearing Lurbel compression stockings during a race reduces the risk of inflammations caused by the impacts on the muscles, thanks to its shock-absorbing effect of constant and repeated impacts of each stride.

Therefore, if we reduce these impacts and improve the cushioning effect, we will avoid the repeated tensions which can cause micro fractures and fractures in the tibia (Milner, et al 2005).

Beneficial for sportsmen and sportswomen

The study confirms the beneficial effect of the use of Lurbel compression stockings on the organism. It produces a lower impact on the tibia and a feeling of comfort during the race. Regarding the recovery process, it has been proven that using Lurbel compression stockings after a race improves recovery as well.

Biomechanical, physiological and textile research

On the one hand, the study has a part of biomechanical research leaded by the Group of Biomechanical Research Applied to the Physical Activity and Sport of the University of Valencia (coordinated by Dr. Pedro Pérez). On the other hand, there is also a physiological research part in the study, coordinated by the Group of Science Research of the Physical Activity and Sport (leaded by Dr. Juan Manuel Cortell). Additionally, it has been carried out together with the collaboration of Aitex (Technological Textile Institute).

*Calf sleeves used in the study: model Racing 625